Historic Stone House at Deering Estate in Palmetto Bay, Fl.  

One  of the attractions’ in the Palmetto Bay area is the Historic House Deering Estate at this location you will find the Richmond Cottage, which was built in 1896, this property was the last surviving structure of the historic town of Cutler.
Dr. Samuel Richmond and his wife opened the first hotel between Coconut Grove and key Wets in 1900, sixteen years later a millionaire Charles Deering bought  the property and converted the hotel into his winter home.

In 1921, Mr. Deering decided to build the Stone House, this construction was based on Mediterranean Revival style.
Mr. Deering loved to travel to Europe and was a collector of fine art and antiques , he just lived in this house for 5 years, and died in 1927 at the age of 75.

The Deering’s family kept the house as a winter home and in 1985 The State of Florida bought it and now is a National Historic Place.
Interesting Facts
Mrs. Deering forbid Eusenio Hernandez (valet) and Katherine Riley (maid) to get married, after Mrs. Deering death, the couple married and served the family  for many years.
Eusebio kept a pet in one of the bathtubs, but don’t  think that it was a little iguana or snake, it was an alligator called “Chocolata”
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